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All, anxiety, anxious after hangover, Booze Science, hangover anxiety, hangover anxiety remedies, hangxiety

Science-Backed Reasons Why You Get Hangover Anxiety After a Night Out

June 28, 2022

Why does alcohol make me feel hot
alcohol and body temperature, All, Booze Science, warm alcohol feeling, why do i get hot when i drink

Why Does Alcohol Make You Feel Hot?

Have you ever had a glass of wine in the wintertime, some whiskey around a campfire, or a few beers at a tailgate and noticed how the alcohol makes you feel warm? This seemingly warm and fuzzy feeling has a scientific explanation.
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Alcohol and fatigue
All, Booze Science, does alcohol affect sleep, sleep and drinking

The Real Reason Alcohol Makes You Sleepy

Have you noticed that while a drink or two may make you tired, sometimes alcohol can actually keep you awake, and certain drinks seem to have different effects on energy levels? Let’s learn why. 
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Gatorade vs Pedialyte
All, Community

Gatorade vs Pedialyte: Which Is Better for Hangovers?

Two popular remedies that pretend to have some scientific backing are Pedialyte and Gatorade. Let’s dig into why these two have become so popular, and if they actually can help.
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Can Bananas Cure Hangovers?
All, Booze Science, hangover remedy

Can Bananas Really Cure Hangovers?

Potassium is one of the important electrolytes that keeps us hydrated so over time, the lack of potassium can lead to dehydration. Bananas are rich in potassium and can help naturally offer some replenishment.
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Asian flush (Alcohol flush reaction). Before (left) and after (right) consuming alcohol.
All, Asian Flush

Asian Flush (Alcohol Flush Reaction): Symptoms, Causes & Treatments

 Learn what causes Alcohol Flush Reaction, its symptoms, and how Flyby Recovery Capsules can help reduce Asian Flush effects.  
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How to Get Rid of a Champagne Headache
All, Booze Science, champagne hangover, champagne headache

How to Get Rid of a Champagne Headache

If even just a few sips of the bubbles gives you a headache, read on. Learn tips on how to get rid of a champagne headache in this post!
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