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  • What is Flyby?

    Flyby is a capsule which supports liver function, detoxifies your body, and replenishes lost vitamins, delivering a comprehensive solution for your drinking needs.

  • What the hell is liver hydrolysate?

    It is something special and powerful. It’s also our not-so secret ingredient anymore, cow liver. The liver filters toxins and is full of vitamins, amino acids and minerals, making it one of the most nutrient dense super foods in the world. But in order for it to be beneficial we make sure our cows are grass-fed, hormone free and untouched by chemical contaminants. The hydrolysate part just means that the liver has been broken down by a vegetarian enzyme, papain. This process makes sure that vital nutrients are kept intact and ready for optimal absorption.

  • How do I use Flyby?

    We recommend taking two capsules before you drink. However, if you're having 5 or more drinks, take three capsules. Don’t worry if you forget. You can also take Flyby before bed.

  • Will Flyby prevent intoxication?

    No. So please, drink responsibly and never get behind the wheel if you’ve consumed alcohol.

  • Can I take Flyby while I am drinking?

    Yes, Flyby can be consumed while drinking but we recommend taking it approximately 15 minutes before drinking.

  • Is Flyby Vegan?

    Unfortunately our product contains liver at the moment so we are not vegan. We plan to roll out a vegan version of Flyby so don’t worry, we didn’t forget about you guys!

  • Is Flyby safe?

    Yes. We make sure we only use the most active and absorbable form of our ingredients rather than opting for cheaper forms. When we receive our ingredients from suppliers, we test to ensure that what’s in the product is exactly what’s on our label. When our products are finished, we run another set of tests to ensure they meet rigorous health and safety standards. But as the customer, you should always pay attention to dosages and follow them carefully.

  • Is Flyby manufactured in the USA?

    Yes, Flyby is manufactured in the state of California.

  • Is Flyby FDA approved?

    Flyby is a nutritional supplement and does not require FDA approval and can’t be approved by the FDA. However, all products are manufactured in FDA approved and cGMP certified facilities. CGMPs provide for systems that assure proper design, monitoring, and control of manufacturing processes and facilities. Adherence to the cGMP regulations assures the identity, strength, quality, and purity of drug products by requiring that manufacturers of medications adequately control manufacturing operations.

  • Can I take Flyby if I’m pregnant?

    First and foremost, you SHOULD NOT be drinking if you are pregnant. Moms, you’ll have to follow the recommendation of your trusted physician and your own instincts if solely taking Flyby. We take every precaution when formulating and manufacturing our product but you’re going to have to trust doc on this one.

  • Can I take Flyby with other medications?

    Every individual is different and so is every medication, so we highly suggest that you talk to a physician if you are concerned.

General Info

  • Is alcohol bad for you?

    Most of us are not purists and want to enjoy a sip or two without a guilty conscience. However, alcohol can be bad for you especially when you’re about to send out that 3:00 am text. All joking aside, research has shown that moderate amounts of alcohol can lower your chance of heart disease but heavy drinking can cause damage to your brain, heart, liver, pancreas and immune system. Let’s also not forget those Sunday morning hangovers. Was that last tequila shot really worth it? We’ll let you decide.

  • Can I return Flyby if it doesn’t work?

    We will guarantee a 100% refund if a customer isn’t satisfied with our product. Not all products are equally effective for everyone and we understand that. Just send us an email at We appreciate feedback, as we want to create the best product for our customers. This guarantee is only valid one time per customer just so we know we’re not being duped.

  • How long does it take my product to arrive?

    Orders placed before 3 pm EST will ship out same day. It then takes on average 1-3 business days for your product to arrive. International orders can take up 7-14 days to arrive.

  • Do we cover duty, taxes etc for international orders?

    Unfortunately, our prices don't include local taxes, duties, brokerage fees, and VATs, all the stuff you may be charged to receive your Flyby shipment at home. *Make sure you consider all fees,* because once your order arrives you'll be required to pay all taxes, duties, etc. (we won't be able to refund you if you change your mind).

  • How do I cancel my subscription?

    We're sorry to see you go! Just remember that if you are not 100% happy with Flyby, we'll give you a full refund, no questions asked. If you want to cancel your subscription, just go to your subscription confirmation email titled "Thanks for subscribing to Flyby!", click "manage subscription" and then cancel on the account page.

  • Where can I find additional studies on your ingredients?

    Liver hydrolysate –
    DHM –
    NAC –
    Alpha Lipoic Acid –
    Vitamin C –
    Milk Thistle –

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