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Flyby Reviews

Based on 34767 reviews

Both my husband and I are enjoying using our massage gun. Your company was recommended to me by my PT. We were happy to receive it promptly! I would recommend it to anyone.

Electrolyte Liquid Concentrate

Great stuff

I’ve gotten so many people to try it and they love it. Wish there was a referral bonus!!

Flyby Liquid concentrate

I use this product to add electrolytes to water. No taste!

Electrolyte Capsules
Gloria Richman
Electrolytes at a price good for my budget

At first i was hesitant about trying the electrolyte pills because I’d been using the powder too as flavor to my water as well as provide electrolytes. I find the pills easier to use—less mess of powder spilling. I also like how easy the capsules are to swallow!

Cramp cures!

These electrolyte capsules are a magic potion to fight cramping! They are effective as a preventive after heavy perspiration, but they are also a real time cure as cramping occurs! We have gotten relief in minutes with capsules and water.

Electrolyte Powder
Home devita
Flyby powder

Good taste

Will reorder

I’ve been anemic for a long time, and these make me feel better. I will be reordering. Good product.

Recovery Capsules
Cheryl Topete


Recovery Capsules
Igor Heifetz
Fantastic help

Love those little magic pills - they work like a charm for me. Always recommend them to all my suffering friends. Thank you!

Open and Use

It was great to receive the product and be able to use it right away. It works great and I love the versatility of the attachments.

Great product

I’ve been trying different ways to recover after vigorous exercise and by far, this is the fastest and easiest way.


Love it! I use it often! So far, daily!

Amazing product!

Love this product, it really works! I’ve tried other products that claim to do the same thing as Flyby, but did not have good results from them. Flyby works every time! I wake up feeling great, no headaches or hangover symptoms. Thank you!

What a Relief!

This gun does an amazing job of relieving my pain. It is cordless which means I can use with ease as I move around the house. I can use it while I am on my computer and also while watching TV. Wish I had bought it a long time ago!


Absolutely love it! Helps with my sciatica and soreness from working out. Got one for my friend and he loves it too!

You always take care of your customers!

Very understanding and goes beyond for their customers.


Very well built product

Sundays are once again Fundays

As soon as I got north of 45 I stared paying a steep price for a night out. Went a buddies house for a little pre game and he was loading up on these recovery capsules. I got onboard and gave them a shot - wow! Will be a staple in the medicine cabinet from now on.

F1Pro Deep Tissue Massage Gun

Best supplements

These beef liver capsules have been great for me as I have low iron and was suffering from some symptoms and with these I don't feel them anymore

Super Quiet!

This is my first massage gun and I compared many massage guns on the market. My boyfriend used his on me and it felt so good but his was so loud so I wanted the same power but not the noise. His gun goes 16mm and this gun does 15mm tissue depth. You will NEVER know the difference in tissue depth but you will in the noise! This is only 40dB and his is over twice that. Get it, you deserve it!

Great Massage Tool

I stand a lot on my job, my feet hurt and have tennis elbow - but this quiet and easy to operate vibrating tool makes my sore muscles relax. I can easily do my shoulders, lower back, legs and feet. It’s light to hold. The price is great for what it can do!

F1Pro Deep Tissue Massage Gun

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