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Is Dihydromyricetin Safe to Use? And How Does It Help With Hangovers?

July 07, 2022

Dihydromyricetin, also known as the chemical compound ampelopsin and referred to as DHM, is the active component from the Japanese raisin tree or Hovenia dulcis that is known to have anti-alcohol effects and even provide a magical “hangover cure.”

The Japanese raisin tree is abundant throughout East Asia, and traditional herbalists have used H. dulcis extract for thousands of years to offset alcohol’s effects. DHM is an essential part of our Flyby Recovery Capsule’s proprietary herbal blend and we believe deeply in its properties. Yes, Dihydromyricetin is quite safe for humans, even in high dosages. So why do we include it in our Recovery ingredients? Read on below. 

Why is Dihydromyricetin in Flyby Recovery Capsules? How does it help with hangovers?

H. dulcis extract has been used for millennia throughout Korean and Chinese traditional medicine to promote alcohol detoxification. In fact, Flyby Recovery Capsules were formulated after our founder Eddie Huai took a trip to Japan and his uncle gave him some DHM via H. dulcis extract before a night out on the town. He was shocked and excited at what a profoundly hangover-lessening effect it had on him and his friends the following morning.

This traditional “magic” herb inspired Eddie to create Flyby Recovery Capsules and share it with party-goers elsewhere. When Eddie and his team were developing the herbal blend for Recovery Capsules, DHM was the first ingredient he was sure to include.

So How Does Dihydromyreicetin Work? 

Let’s get a little technical for those of you craving a deeper explanation of this hangover remedy. Dihydromyreicetin from H. dulcis can help to mitigate hangxiety and other physical hangover symptoms by helping the body metabolize ethanol (aka alcohol) while drinking. This is why the best hangover remedy is a plan before the hangover sets in, and why we recommend three Flyby Recovery Capsules before going out, and another three before bed. 

Modern studies have been able to prove that DHM does in fact support lowering alcohol concentrations in the blood. With the support of DHM in your system prior to indulging in alcohol, it can help lower the concentration of alcohol in the blood so there is less demand on your liver meaning a less horrible hangover.

Here’s the science-y stuff:

  • You consume a few alcoholic beverages which your body reads as ethanol
  • Once into the bloodstream and thus the liver, your body produces the necessary enzymes to process the ethanol (unless you have Asian Flush Syndrome in which you are lacking these enzymes)
  • The first enzyme is alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH) and its job is to convert ethanol into acetaldehyde 
  • A buildup of acetaldehyde is what contributes to sickness in the morning- this means you drank more than your liver could efficiently and effectively process
  • BUT! when this process is supported by DHM, studies have shown highly increased levels of liver ADH activity meaning it helps your body “keep up”
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Recovery Capsules

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Try Flyby Recovery Capsules Proprietary Blend with DHM

So, if you are ready to get out ahead of your hangovers, try Flyby Recovery Capsules before your next night out. While our capsules can help you wake up feeling more refreshed, of course a recovery pill is no substitute for drinking responsibly. However, if you want to mitigate the next-day drag of your intense hangovers, our capsules provide 1551mg of our proprietary blend of herbs which includes DHM and other super-smart ingredients to help you over the hump. Order your bottle today and try this traditional hangover cure for yourself.

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