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How Long Does a Hangover Last?

September 26, 2019

If you’re in rough enough shape that you’re searching “how long does a hangover last,” hang in there, friend! Many of us have been there, and we know the desperation in wanting to understand your hangover length so you can see the light at the end of the tunnel! You’re almost through it: the average hangover lasts 14-23 hours

Now as we know with an average, this isn’t always the case, as it often depends on each person. You may recover even sooner! Or, unfortunately, you may be in for that lingering drag. What contributes to these various outcomes? Read on below for the factors that help you understand when your hangover will end.

What Determines Hangover Length

For the most part, hangover symptoms are considered short-term withdrawal and tend to be time-limited. So don’t worry— your hangover will pass, we promise! How long it may linger is dependent on a few various factors including:

  • Amount of alcohol consumed
  • Time frame in which amount of alcohol was consumed
  • Type(s) of alcohol consumed
  • Pre-existing medical conditions or deficiencies
  • And more

Your liver can only process one drink per hour. When you drink more alcohol than it can break down, alcohol-induced toxins such as acetaldehyde build up and put more stress on your liver. Acetaldehyde is extremely toxic and when it's not broken down quick enough, that's how a hangover begins.

So, When Will a Hangover End? 

Think about the following factors from your night out for a better idea of how long your hangover may last. 

1. Did you have a good night's sleep?

While a few glasses may help put you to sleep, alcohol has a negative effect on your overall sleep quality. Alcohol affects your brain and interrupts your cycle and quality, particularly the restorative REM stage you need most.  So the math is simple here. The more you drink, the worse you sleep, and so you can expect to feel groggier, for longer, the next day. 

2. Did you drink darker or carbonated booze?

Different types of alcohol can result in different hangover symptoms. Congeners are flavoring agents or byproducts of fermentation in booze, and are linked to hangovers. Some types of alcohol such as red wine and dark liquors like bourbon, brandy, whiskey and gold tequila have the highest levels. While, white wine and clear liquors such as rum, vodka and gin have fewer congeners and therefore may cause less severe hangovers. 

3. How old are you?

When you are 21, your body is able to detoxify itself much quicker and efficiently than if you're 40 (or even in your late twenties). As we grow older, we quite simply are not able to process alcohol and its toxic counterparts as quickly as we used to. 

4. Do you have a deficiency, sensitivity, or allergy to alcohol?

A lot of drinkers are actually missing an essential enzyme needed to help break down alcohol’s toxins in the liver. This condition is known as Alcohol Flush Syndrome, or more commonly called Asian Flush. Without this enzyme, hangovers can be incredibly intense.

Many people also have sensitivities to certain food or chemicals they don't even know about. Beer, for example, is made with barley and hops (a.k.a., gluten) which is a common allergen. Mixers can also be super high in sugar or artificial dyes; wine can have sulfites. All of these elements may cause a more intense and longer hangover for some drinkers.  

5. What did you eat and drink that day?

Eating a hearty meal before going to the bars can slow alcohol absorption, lessening the demand on your liver. Drinking enough water throughout the day and night out will keep you better hydrated. The more alcohol you drink, the more dehydrated you become. To make things worse, if you go over your limit and vomit, this dehydrates you even more. This can lead to a serious hangover, as alcohol depletes essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

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