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F1Pro Deep Tissue Massage Gun
F1Pro Deep Tissue Massage Gun
F1Pro Deep Tissue Massage Gun
F1Pro Deep Tissue Massage Gun
F1Pro Deep Tissue Massage Gun
F1Pro Deep Tissue Massage Gun

"Best gun on the market - solid power, affordable, and user-friendly."

--Tyler Bigenho, Chiropractor & CEO of CleanSpine

"Best gun on the market - solid power, affordable, and user-friendly." --Tyler Bigenho, Chiropractor & CEO of CleanSpine

F1Pro Deep Tissue Massage Gun

Relieve aches and pains in minutes with the F1 Pro Deep Tissue Massage Gun. Flip the switch and the rapid, percussive pressure will go to work to loosen stiff muscles, relieve soreness, increase blood circulation and help improve mobility. Try it today and get back in the game!
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3 Variable Speeds
Weight Under 2lbs
Low Noise-only 40dB!
6 Massage Heads
Rechargeable Li-ion Battery

Air Cooled Deep Tissue Massager for


Ideal for...

Muscle recovery, massage, tension release + targeting specific muscles.

Quiet as an electric toothbrush

Low noise (40dB) brushless motor-use it practically anywhere.

Choose from 3 powerful speeds

Warm-up (1800/min), Relaxation (2400/min), Deep Tissue (3200/min).

F1Pro Massage Gun

Rechargeable battery lasts 4+ hours on a full charge. Our industrial grade, percussion massager is great for pain relief or for neck and back massage on-the-go. It helps you relax after a long day. Perfect for gifting!

how to use

Improve your post-workout recovery as you target specific muscle groups with the 6 convertible heads. Turn it off to easily change accessories.

Standard Ball - Versatile massage head for general use

Large Ball - Ideal for large muscle groups like quads, glutes

Hammer - Best for flat muscle groups and a deep massage

Wedge - Go to for your biceps, shoulders, IT bands

Spinal Fork - Use it around your spine or your Achilles tendon

Bullet - Pinpoint small muscles in your palms or feet

Convertible Heads

includes 6 massage head accessories

Standard Ball

Our most versatile attachment. Ideal for hip flexors, deltoids, hamstrings, calves (front and back), abductors (set on low), lower and upper back. Also great for general use, and on your palms. The percussive nature helps loosen muscle fibers.

Large Ball

Ideal for hamstrings, quads, glutes/buttocks, and your feet. You can use this with a tennis shoe on (through the sole) or on your bare foot or with socks, whatever is most comfortable for you.


When you need a deeper massage on flat muscle groups, go with this one. Ideal for quads, pectorals/chest, and lower back.


You’ll use this one often to release tension and increase circulation. Ideal for shoulders, IT bands, pectorals/chest, upper arms, and forearms (both sides).

Spinal Fork

Massage around and along your spine, shoulder blades, and Achilles tendon. Best practice is to keep off the bone and focus on the soft tissue instead, and use the lowest speed setting. For shoulder blades, you may need the help of a trusted friend.


Perfect for targeting pinpoint areas like your feet and hands to relieve the muscles. Best practice is to set this on the lowest speed setting. Feels great on the palms if you work on your computer, play video games, or are on the phone all day.


Customer Reviews

Based on 3012 reviews
James Rowe

Although there was one issue, it was resolved to my satisfaction and very professionally.

Leo Trainor
Customer Service

Had an issue with my pro1. They respond and replaced the unit

Austin Dellostretto

Great product! Highly recommend!

Mary Dees

Both my husband and I are enjoying using our massage gun. Your company was recommended to me by my PT. We were happy to receive it promptly! I would recommend it to anyone.

Cory Eck
Open and Use

It was great to receive the product and be able to use it right away. It works great and I love the versatility of the attachments.

We get these often.

There are 3 speed settings. They range from 1800-3200 RPM.

• Warm-up (1800/min)

• Relaxation (2400/min)

• Deep Tissue (3200/min)

Yes! Once the battery is fully charged, our F1Pro percussion massager is ready for 4+ hours of cordless massager use to help relax your muscles.

Best practice is to not use the massage gun while it is charging and/or plugged into the wall.

The F1Pro massage gun makes about the same level of noise as an electric toothbrush with 40 decibels (40dB). That means you can use it at the gym, at the office, and at home without sounding like you turned on an electric sander.

With the massager off, insert a single massage head by pressing it in the massage gun. To remove a head, simply grasp the head and pull it out of the massager.

Do not change massage heads with the massager turned on.

There are 3 speed settings to select on the F1Pro Massage Gun. First, turn on the massager with the ON/OFF switch on the bottom of the handle. You should see lights appear on the back panel of the massage gun, if you are fully charged.

Click the large circular button on the back panel to reach the lowest level speed. Press it again to reach the medium level speed. Press it again to reach the highest level speed.

You can cycle through all 3 settings to choose the one that's right for you:

• Click 1x - low speed

• Click 2x - medium speed

• Click 3x - high speed

Best practice is to take the massager off your skin, change the settings, then reapply and continue your massage.

No, do not immerse the F1Pro massager in water. Also, keep it away from liquids or heat sources.

No, the F1Pro Massage Gun is for adults use only.

The flyby F1Pro Massage Gun comes with an adapter cable and power supply. To charge, connect the DC adapter to the battery charging port (bottom of the handle). Plug in the plug AC side of the power supply to a wall outlet.

Fully charge the battery for up to 6 hours before first use.

The F1Pro will indicate a full charge when it is unplugged and the 5 LED lights are fully illuminated.

It is not recommended to deplete the battery. You can recharge the battery at any time and at any battery level. Unplug the charger form the massager after charging and/or prior use.

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