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How to Get Rid of a Champagne Headache

March 09, 2021

How to Get Rid of a Champagne Headache

A wedding toast, the clock strikes midnight on NYE, your anniversary date — these occasions are pretty much synonymous with sipping champagne. But if you’re like so many other people, that “clink,” of the flutes doesn’t come without that notorious champagne headache. Is it the bubbles? Is it sugar? Is it sulfites? Read on below to find out what may cause the champagne headache and how to potentially avoid it or lessen its intensity.

Why Is Champagne Headache So Rough?

First and foremost, champagne is an alcoholic beverage. We’re all well aware that any alcohol can cause dehydration, and overindulging can come with one hell of a hangover. But when it comes to champagne, it seems like the headache is almost instant, extra intense, and the hangover comes on quickly, too. Why?

  • Sugar: It could be a result of the extra and different sugars in champagne. This spike in blood sugar can be dramatic, and leave you with a worse hangover.
  • Sulfites: Like the dreaded red wine hangover, sometimes sulfites may be to blame for the headache or rough next-day symptoms.
  • Bubbles: Some say it could be the carbonation. The carbon dioxide bubbles in champagne means your body absorbs the alcohol faster and that can lead to a headache as it competes with the oxygen in your bloodstream.

So, How To Avoid A Champagne Headache?

Here’s a few tips to consider while you sip!

Make sure it’s real champagne and not sparkling wine. Sparkling wine often disguises itself as champagne but has more additives and sulfites than real champagne. Real champagne is specifically made in the Champagne region of France, and is held to a very high standard. This higher quality means less impurities and probably less of a headache or champagne hangover.

Try post-party relief capsules before you celebrate with some boozy bubbles. Three Flyby post-party relief capsules prior to drinking, and another three before bed after the night out and you’ll be more likely to avoid that champagne hangover with its dreadful headache.

Drink water between glasses. We know you know this one, but stick to it! Champagne’s bubbles and sugars can really go right to the head. Pace yourself and enjoy a glass of water in between glasses if you plan on having more than one.

Don’t mix with other alcohol. Part of the reason the champagne headache and hangover have such a bad reputation may be because it’s almost always enjoyed amongst other drinks! Perhaps you had some drinks at cocktail hour and a glass of champagne for the wedding toast, or had a few beers before the champagne at midnight. Try not to mix and your symptoms won’t be as intense.

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