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Can Bananas Really Cure Hangovers?

January 12, 2019

Can bananas cure hangovers, really? Or, if not cure, at a minimum can bananas help with hangovers? The answer is there’s likely some benefit from eating this fruit after a night of drinking, so if nothing else, eating bananas is one of the tastier ways to treat a hangover. Why do bananas help with hangovers? One reason is that alcohol can suck the potassium right out of us when we drink too much. This depletion of potassium is one of the reasons we may feel sick the next morning after a night of drinking alcohol. In theory, by replenishing your potassium stores with bananas, you are fortifying your diet with one of the best natural sources of potassium you could ever eat.

More Reasons People Believe Bananas Cure Hangovers

Bananas are a good source of B6, a vitamin that is also purported to help with hangovers. The fruit also contains a lot of magnesium, which calms blood vessels and is known to ease headaches in some people. Since bananas can also work as an antacid, this has led certain holistic practitioners to make the assertion that bananas cure hangovers, because (in addition to the other purported benefits) the fruit may help certain individuals get rid of heartburn and/or upset stomachs. All-in-all, bananas are actually quite the multi-purpose medicinal fruit!

Having a banana or two before bed after a night of drinking may just help yourself a little in the morning. If you wake up feeling crummy, try blending up some bananas to make a great tasting smoothie. If you like experimenting, you can even try boiling two banana halves in water and drinking the resulting “banana tea” for soothing relief.

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