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Can Bananas Really Cure Hangovers?

June 14, 2022

Can Bananas Really Cure Hangovers?

When you're hungover, you can often find yourself reaching for anything that might fix the headache, dehydration, tiredness, and more. One of the common "cures" that comes up? Eating bananas. 

How Bananas Can Help With Hangovers

There's likely some benefit from eating this fruit after a night of drinking, but as with any hangover remedy, it won't necessarily cure the discomforts.

After a night of drinking, alcohol can remove potassium out of our bodies. Potassium is one of the important electrolytes that keeps us hydrated so over time, the lack of potassium can lead to dehydration. Bananas are rich in potassium and can help naturally offer some potassium after your body has been depleted.

More Reasons People Believe Bananas Cure Hangovers

  • B6: Bananas are also a good source of B6, a vitamin that is purported to help with hangovers. One banana can offer up to a third of the recommended daily source of B6!
  • Magnesium: The fruit also contains a lot of magnesium, which is known to help calm blood vessels. This can ease headaches and tension in some people, something that is often associated with post-drinking.
  • Antacid: Since bananas can also work as an antacid, the fruit may also help certain individuals mitigate heartburn and/or upset stomachs. 

So having a banana or two before bed after a night of drinking may just help yourself a little in the morning. If you wake up feeling crummy, try blending up some bananas to make a great tasting smoothie or put some on toast.

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