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Growing up, I was always very health-focused but once I entered college I found myself drinking a lot more. I also lacked an enzyme that allowed me to properly break down the bad stuff while indulging and this only made the problem worse. Desperate for a solution and a healthier way to party, I started testing home remedies, but none of them worked.

On a trip to Tokyo, I found myself out in an all-you-can-drink izakaya with a few close friends. As we geared up for an adventurous evening, one of my friends suggested taking a Japanese party supplement. Intrigued, I decided to put the drink to the test — while taking full advantage of the bottomless beverage offerings.

Despite drinking ‘till the sun came up, I woke up feeling great and had a newfound appreciation for the potential of vitamins and detoxifying compounds. Back in the states, I dove into research and spent months developing a formula that would promote health within a lifestyle of drinking. Finally, I worked with PhD to refine the formula and take it to the next level with a synergistic mix of ingredients. After more than a year of optimization and rigorous testing, Flyby was born to help us all feel a little better the morning after.

Eddie Huai, CEO & Founder

We’re science-backed at every step.

Health is the most important thing we have. That’s why we’ve set an incredibly high standard for ourselves in everything we do. We source only premium, raw ingredients tested for efficacy and bioavailability. And at every point we’re 100% guided by scientific evidence, so you can be confident our products are safe, clean, and effective.

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We're here to support you.

Life moves fast. And sometimes, it's easy to let your health slip. We started Flyby because it's more than possible to feel amazing, no matter your lifestyle. Our purpose is to connect you with the right stuff to keep you going, so you can see what a difference it makes.

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